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What To Do When You’re Unhappy with Your New Haircut: Advice from a Hairdresser

There is no worse feeling than when your hairdresser reveals your new haircut or colour and asks if you like it…and you absolutely hate it. It can certainly be a very awkward situation, but it shouldn’t be!

As professional hairdressers near St Ives, our hair experts in Gordon provide you with some advice on what to do if it turns out you really don’t like your new look.


Take a second to breathe and really take in your new look before saying anything. Sometimes major changes can come as a shock and a few seconds may help you determine how you really feel about the look.

Be Honest

In this situation, it really doesn’t help to lie. While you don’t need to be rude, you should definitely tell your hairdresser what you don’t like about the cut or colour. This opens up space for discussion and your hairdresser may be able to make changes before you leave the salon. The problem comes in when your hairdresser delivered everything you asked for in terms of cut and colour and you that simply don’t like how that outcome looks on you. Try to determine whether there was a miscommunication or what else could have gone wrong.

hairdressers near St Ives

Take Some Time

If you’re on the fence when it comes to your new look, it may be a good idea to try to get used to it by trying out different hairstyles and hair accessories. Once you’ve styled your hair in your usual way and you’ve washed it a few times, you may find that you really like it. If not, just get in touch with your hairdresser and explain how you’re feeling.

How to Avoid Ending Up with a Haircut That You Hate

You know how the saying goes…prevention is better than cure. Here are a few tips to avoid ending up with a haircut that you hate:

  • Only go to professional hair salons that have positive reviews and experienced hair stylists.
  • Bring photos of what you are looking for so your hairdresser gets a clear idea of your vision.
  • Make sure that you make the most of your consultation time by asking questions and speaking with your hairdresser about the look you want.
  • Take any advice that your hairdresser gives you into consideration.

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