biodegradable coffee cups

Do Biodegradable Coffee Cups Really Make A Difference?

By now, you should have noticed that most coffee shops and cafes in Australia have swapped over to biodegradable coffee cups, which have a more paper-like feel than traditional plastic takeaway cups. But as both types of takeaway cups are single-use and disposable, does making this change actually make a difference?

If you own a salon, restaurant, or any other type of establishment that serves coffee, you may also be considering making the swap to biodegradable cups. But you may also be wondering if they are just as strong and durable as the cups you have been using. As suppliers of biodegradable coffee cups and other eco-friendly products, Affordable Eco Solutions offer some useful information.

What Does Biodegradable Really Mean?

Biodegradable coffee cups are made from natural materials so that when they are thrown away in the trash, they will break down and biodegrade within a few weeks. There are no harmful chemicals used in the production, so no harmful chemicals will leak out into the environment. When you think about how many disposable coffee cups are thrown away on a daily basis, you can begin to understand just how much of a difference that swapping to biodegradable alternatives will actually make.

biodegradable coffee cups

Biodegradable Coffee Cup Features

While products may differ slightly from brand to brand, most biodegradable coffee cups all have the following features:

  • They use sustainable resources. Manufacturers make an effort to use sustainable and renewable resources in the production of coffee cups.
  • They are heat-resistant/ There is no need to worry about clients burning their fingers or the product disintegrating as the materials used provide heat resistance.
  • They are Recyclable. You will need to follow a specific process if you want to recycle these cups, but you can easily recycle them from home.
  • One of the biggest advantages that you can look forward to is the fact that biodegradable coffee cups are healthier than plastic ones as there are not any cancer-causing chemicals used.
  • Making the swap needn’t be an expense. The prices of biodegradable options are very similar to plastic cups.
  • They are compostable. As these cups are easily compostable, feel free to use them in your home’s composting system.

With many consumers being focused on becoming more sustainable, now is the time to start making swaps that matter.

Are you looking to purchase biodegradable coffee cups in Australia? We have made it easier than ever before to buy sustainable products for your salon. Find everything you need here at Affordable Eco Solutions.



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