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Answering Your Top FAQs About Skin Needling in Gold Coast

If you’re looking forward to skin needling at Gold Coast cosmetic clinics, do you know what to expect? Microneedling is becoming an increasingly popular trend in skincare. However, there might be some concerns about getting treatment and aftercare.

You might have questions about the treatment, such as what it involves and whether it’s suitable for your skin type. The following FAQs tackle the key aspects of skin needling and should offer adequate insight to those seeking the procedure.

Skin Needling: FAQs

How Does It Work?

Needles penetrate into the skin at specific points on your body to create “micro-injuries”. They trigger a healing response in your body, resulting in new collagen formation and a reduction of wrinkles and scars. It also enables deeper penetration for skincare products in the future.

How Deep Is The Treatment?

The treatment uses a very fine needle to penetrate the skin. The depth of penetration is determined by the size of the needle and can be from 0.5mm to 2mm.

skin needling at Gold Coast

Does Needling Cause Scarring?

No. The needles used in skin needling are so fine that they do not cause any damage to the epidermis. The tiny holes created by the needles are so small that they heal very quickly, usually within a week.

How Long Does Healing Take After Microneedling?

The healing process for micro-needling is generally fast, and there are no long-term side effects to worry about. The skin will heal within a few days, showing new collagen and elastin that were not present before treatment. The healing process can be sped up by using a vitamin C serum and sunscreen.

What Can Go On My Face After Microneedling?

After your skin needling session in Robina or elsewhere, you can apply a moisturizer to help your skin heal. Aside from that, avoid any makeup or even touching with your bare hands.

What If The Holes Are Too Big?

Enlarged pores might be a result of low skin elasticity. To fix this, you can opt for fibroblast-boosting skincare, facial peels for oiliness, and avoid using hot water. You can also consider LED treatment or surgery-free facelifts.


Hopefully, this has answered most of your questions regarding microneedling. It is a safe and effective skin rejuvenation treatment that can improve the appearance of your face, neck, and chest. If you want to experience smoother skin with minimal downtime, skin needling in Gold Coast is the procedure for you.

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