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The Benefits Of Wet Styling Your Hair

 First things first: Let us define what wet styling is. Wet styling is when you apply styling products to your hair while it is still wet instead of when it is dry. Once the product has been applied, any access water is squeezed out of the hair. Wet styling can often get confused with damp styling, but the two are different techniques altogether.

Wet styling has become popular for quite a variety of reasons, with many hair care brands now recommending wet styling applications for their products.

As respected hairdressers in Pymble, we are fascinated with all different types of styling techniques, and in this article, we’ll explore the many benefits that wet styling offers.

Easy Styling

One of the biggest benefits of wet styling is that it makes for very easy styling, especially for curly and wavy hair. Hair is often a lot more manageable when it is wet. When the hair is dried, the product and style are already in place.

hairdressers in Pymble

Healthy Hair

Wet styling can really help create healthy hair and healthier looking hair too. Wet styling leaves the hair looking smooth and shiny, reflecting the light as you move across the room. If your hair has become damaged, you may find that wet styling has the ability to return your hair to its former glory.

Suits All Hair Types

Wet styling is truly suitable for all hair types, no matter whether you have fine hair, thick hair, wavy hair, straight hair, or curly hair. That being said, there are still slightly different directions involved when it comes to wet styling for these different hair types.


Who doesn’t need a little extra time in the morning? Wet styling really helps with time-saving, especially for those of us with hair that is difficult to manage. If you swap over to wet styling, you could definitely save yourself a bit of extra time.


Wet styling is amazing for hydrating your hair! It can help reduce frizz, prevent dryness and prevent brittle hair. This is because the product is applied while the hair is still wet and hydrated.

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