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Why It’s Better To Purchase Hair Extensions From Your Hairdresser Instead Of Online Stores

If you are someone that loves hair and beauty, you’ve undoubtedly seen online advertisements for hair extensions pop up on your social media pages. While these ads may promise beautiful hair extensions at affordable options, you should always be wary of purchasing these sorts of products online.

In this article, we’ll give you a few reasons why it is far better to purchase your extensions from a trusted hairdresser in Sydney than from a random online store.

Your Hairdresser Can Help You Pick The Perfect Colour

When looking at photos online, the colours can often be deceiving and may differ depending on what device you are viewing the photos on. When you go into a salon, it is much easier to ensure that you colour-match your extensions with 100% accuracy.

You Can See The Quality In Person

It is almost impossible to assess the true quality of extensions when looking at photos online. However, in a salon, you’ll get the opportunity to look at and touch the extensions to get an idea of their quality before purchase.

hairdresser in Sydney

Get The Extensions Put In Professionally

Hairdressers offer hair extension installation services where they can attach your extensions seamlessly for a natural look. Even if you are buying non-permanent extensions, your hairdresser can give you expert advice on how you should put them in and take them out.

Have The Extensions Styled To Your Liking

When you buy extensions, they can often end up being a bit long or not have quite the right style. A hairdresser can trim and style your extensions so that they look natural and beautiful.

Know That You Are Purchasing Premium Extensions

When buying from a professional salon, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality.

Receive Maintenance Advice From Your Hairdresser

If you do not maintain your extensions properly, they can quickly begin to deteriorate and your investment can literally go down the drain. Upon purchasing your extensions from a professional hairdresser in Sydney, you’ll receive expert maintenance advice that will extend the lifespan of your extensions and ensure you get the most use out of them as possible.

Are you interested in purchasing hair extensions from a professional hairdresser in Sydney? Here at Esteem Hair and Beauty Spa, we stock a wide range of premium hair extensions and we’d love to assist you in making the ideal investment. Feel free to pop into our salon or make an appointment with us today.

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