Gold Coast hearing aids

How to Care For and Troubleshoot Your Gold Coast Hearing Aids

It is quite easy and effortless to take care of your Gold Coast hearing aids. If you take care of your hearing aids, it will last for so long and, at the same time, lower the need to repair hearing aid.

Basics of hearing aid care:

Battery door:

These are the movable parts of your hearing aids that are used on a daily basis. When the hearing aid is not in use, then it is highly recommended to open the battery doors of it as the grime, dust, and oil on your skin will build up around the battery door edges. Plus, you should use the brush that comes with the hearing aid or given by the specialist to clean around the battery door edges.

Volume control:

This part of your hearing aid is used more than your battery doors. The same issue arises with this part of the aid that arises with the battery door. The build-up of dust, grime, and oil around the volume control occur due to the existence of oil and dust on the skin. The dust not only gets on the top of this unit but also gets underneath the volume control, which ends up leading to the failure of the control unit.

Gold Coast hearing aids

Gold Coast Hearing Aids:

You can eliminate the chances of building up dust and grime around the volume control by cleaning it properly with the help of a brush that your specialist provides you. While cleaning, you should make sure that you clean underneath the volume wheel.


 A few hearing equipment has telephone switches and some outdated instruments have noise reduction switches as well. The situation is the same here. Just like the volume control and battery doors may face the issue of dirt and grime build-up, the switches also face the same issue. Again, it is preferred to use the brush to clean it thoroughly in both positions.

Memory buttons:

As compared to toggle switches, more memory buttons can be found on hearing instruments. There are some hearing instruments that use more than five memory buttons for different environments. This can also get dirty and may end up not delivering the normal sound to you. Therefore, it is required to clean this as soon as possible with the help of a brush.

This is the basic cleaning process that we have discussed here. If you want to keep your Gold Coast hearing aids working properly, then you have to perform this cleaning. For more information visit our Website.

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