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Why Make the Swap Over to Biodegradable Colour Remover Wipes

Even if you are already on the journey to ensure that your salon is more sustainable, colour remover wipes colour remover wipes may still be one of the swaps that you haven’t made yet. Colour remover wipes often get overlooked, but if you are not using eco-friendly wipes, you could be filling up landfills with these products.

Here are a few reasons to give you that final push in making this very important swap.

It’s Easy

No need to drive to a shop way out of your suburb, as biodegradable colour remover wipes can easily be bought online, along with all of your other sustainable salon supplies, and delivered to your salon door whenever you need them. This makes the swap really convenient for salon owners, and as biodegradable colour remover wipes work in exactly the same way as the standard ones, you won’t even notice the difference!

These wipes can also be thrown in with your regular trash as they will break down in landfill environments.

It’s Cheap

Not everything is more expensive just because it has that ‘biodegradable’ label attached to it. Biodegradable colour remover wipes are definitely affordable.

colour remover wipes

Good Quality

The quality and the way in which biodegradable colour remover wipes work are just as good as their traditional counterparts. In addition, they also have a lovely, non-invasive smell.

It’s Something You Should Do

As a business owner and service provider, you are responsible for the environment and your clients by becoming a more sustainable business owner. Sleep easy at night, with a clear conscious knowing that the colour remover wipes you use in your salon will completely break down in a matter of weeks!

Your Clients Won’t Notice The Difference

Many salon owners are hesitant to introduce new products as they feel that their clients will notice the difference. But because these biodegradable wipes work in very much the same way that traditional ones do, your clients are very unlikely to notice a difference in their usual salon treatment.

Interested in buying biodegradable colour remover wipes for your salon? Have a look at our range at Affordable Eco Solutions, and feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions about our products.

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