disposable nitrile gloves

How Some Disposable Items Can Actually be Eco-Friendly

When you hear the word disposable, you may think of single-use items such as straws, paper cups, etc. The definition of disposable is “ an item to be thrown away after use”. 

So with these definitions and connotations in mind, it is very easy to immediately think of any ‘disposable’ items as being bad for the environment.

But this is actually not the case, and there are many disposable items out there that are sustainable and are better for the environment than certain ‘longer use’ items.

Single Use Items Are Necessary

You need to remember that there are many instances in which single-use items are necessary. This is especially true for sanitary items, packaging, and things like needles, gloves etc.

So while you can try and avoid disposable items, there will most likely come a time when you need to use them.

How Do You Determine Whether a Disposable Item is Sustainable or Not

The main determining factor in whether a disposable item is sustainable or not is whether it is biodegradable or not. If a single-use item is biodegradable, it will eventually break down wherever it has been thrown away.

disposable nitrile gloves

The other word you should look out for is ‘recyclable’. If a single-use item is recyclable, it can be recycled where it can find another use. Examples of recyclable disposable items include cardboard boxes and other forms of packaging.

Examples of Eco-Friendly, Disposable Items

  • Disposable towels- Your traditional cotton towel may seem rather innocent, but throughout its lifespan, it needs to be washed and dried hundreds of times, thus consuming a large number of resources. With the technology that we have today, disposable, biodegradable towels offer a far more sustainable solution.
  • Disposable coffee cups- There are many instances in which disposable coffee cups are necessary, and luckily there are many biodegradable options available that, when thrown away in your usual trash, will break down in a matter of weeks.
  • Disposable gloves- In many cases, gloves have to be a one-use item because of sanitary reasons. But there are eco-friendly options out there, such as disposable nitrile gloves, which are biodegradable.

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